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What is the the APFS Labor Union?

The APFS Labor Union

The APFS Labor Union is a regional labor union that was established from the foreigner support group APFS (Asian People's Friendship Society) in 2007. The APFS had a great deal of experience in solving the labor disputes and problems of its members, and the APFS Labor Union built on this strong foundation. The work of the APFS has drawn attention from media outlets such as NHK.

Our union is open to anyone, of any nationality, working in any industry. As a regional union, we allow members to join on an individual, independent basis. The APFS Labor Union is registered with and recognized by the Tokyo Labor Office.

Activities of the APFS Labor Union

The APFS Labor Union is opposed to any discrimination or disregard for labor regulations. To protect the rights of our members, we engage in group negotiation with employers, protests, joint action with other unions, study groups and symposiums.

We fight for our members in cases of pay cuts, workplace accidents, unfair dismissal, unpaid overtime, sexual harrassment, workplace bullying and any other abuses. Your privacy will be protected.

If you have any problems at work, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

APFS Labor Union

  • Oyama ‐cho 15-8-201, Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5966-2290
  • Fax: 03-6781-1777
  • Email: office@apfs-union.org
  • Head of Executive Commitee: Tomoyuki Yamaguchi

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